Statistical Thinking – Gades Solutions

  • Prof. Saghir Bashir, Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
  • Online – Live – 18h00 às 20h00
  • Segunda-feira, 11 de outubro a 3 de novembro de 2021
  • Referência Projeto: Projecto FCT: UIDB/00006/2020

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Online – Live

Prof. Saghir Bashir

We encounter statistics on a daily basis. How can we make sense of them? Can we filter out what is and what is not trustworthy? The objective of this course is to help participants understand statistical concepts through statistical thinking. It will provide the building blocks to critically evaluate reported statistics. This course will use real-life and practical examples to introduce the basic concepts relating to descriptive and inferential statistics.


Módulo 1: Summary Statistics and Plots including: mean, median, standard deviation, bar plots, box-whisker plots, scatter plots and correlation.
Módulo 2:
Simple Linear Regression including: the normal distribution and sampling distribution.

Módulo 3:
Confidence Intervals & Hypothesis Testing including: point estimation, interval estimation, statistical hypotheses and p-values.

Módulo 4: Regression Modelling including: multiple linear regression, logistic regression, survival analysis and missing data.

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