Perspectives on the Bayes Factor

Jorge Tendeiro

Hiroshima University, Japan


1 março 2023 (4.ª feira) – 12h:00m


In this talk I will discuss the Bayes factor: What it is, why (or why not) it should be used, and how to use it. My emphasis will be more on conceptual understanding and less on technicalities, as much as possible. My talk will include both theoretical and practical features, hopefully catering for an informed use of the Bayes factor.

Short bio:

Dr. Tendeiro has a background in mathematics and mathematical statistics. After a BA and MA at Porto University, for his Ph.D he graduated from Groningen University in the Netherlands in the field of three-way component analysis. Afterwards he pursued a postdoctoral and thereafter a tenure track position at the same university. His research interests have revolved around item response theory, namely person-fit analysis. In the recent years he has been doing research on Bayesian inference, namely the Bayes factor for hypothesis testing. He is currently Professor at Hiroshima University, Japan, where he continues to do research and where he is Program Manager for a government-funded researcher development program.