• Prof. Richard Kay – Independent Statistical Consultant
  • FCUL (DEIO) – Campo Grande – Bloco C/6 Piso 4 – Sala 6.2.53 – 12h
  • Terça-feira, 18 de Novembro de 2008


There are numerous opportunities to develop commercial activities within a Statistics Department to run alongside the more traditional research and teaching functions. Dr Kay will outline his own experiences in developing such activities within a university department with the focus on collaboration with pharmaceutical companies in the context of drug development.

For these activities to be successful, there needs to be a good understanding of the strict regulatory environment in which pharmaceutical companies operate. The presentation will begin by outlining these from a statistics perspective and then explore various areas for potential collaboration, including:

– Training in applied statistical methodology

– Advice on and development of statistical methodology

– Membership of Data Monitoring Committees

There also needs to be recognition of local Portuguese pharmaceutical activity. As an EU member state Portugal plays a full part in the regulation of medicines across Europe and opportunities arise out of this. Also, although there is a limited “Head Office”  presence for global pharmaceutical companies in Portugal, clinical trials are conducted in the region and there is a consequent need for support for clinical trial investigators, physicians more generally and local affiliates of larger pharmaceutical companies.