Drawing inferences about wildlife populations from limited data: examples with spatial capture-recapture

David Borchers

Professor at University of St Andrews

Centre for Research into Ecological & Environmental Modelling

Local: ZOOM – Link


7 Dezembro 2021 (3.ª feira) – 14h:00m


In the not-too-distant future, Google may know where everyone is and what they are doing all of the time. We would like to have this sort of information for wildlife populations, to identify conservation problems and take actions to solve them, but we are a long way from having it.

Although new technology is giving us more and more information on wildlife populations, we still usually have only very sparse data from which to find out about their abundance and distribution, their habitat preferences, movement patterns and population trajectories. In this talk I will use examples from recent spatial capture-recapture surveys to illustrate how statistical models allow us to exploit the limited information that we get from sampling wildlife populations, to draw inferences about parameters relevant to conservation.

Seminário Conjunto CEAUL, CE3C e MARE