Ecology of Arctic marine mammals in a changing climate

  • Kristin Laidre
  • School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences; Polar Science Center, Applied Physics Laboratory, University of Washington
  • Local: FCUL – Bloco C/2 Piso 3 Sala: 2.3.13 – (6ª feira) – 14:00
  • Sexta-feira, 28 de fevereiro de 2020
  • Referência Projeto: UIDB/00006/2020; UIDB/00329/2020; UIDB/04292/2020
My talk will cover the biology and ecology of ice-dependent and ice-associated marine mammals (seals, whales and polar bears) that inhabit the icy waters of Greenland based on two decades of field research. I will cover how these species are important for indigenous communities and discuss the observed and expected impacts of climate change. I will provide some recent results from an international study of the Baffin Bay polar bear subpopulation where the impacts of sea ice loss are evident based on movements, body condition and reproductive metrics. I will also talk about our ongoing work on narwhals that inhabit glacier fronts in West Greenland