Enriched functional limit theorems for dynamical systems

  • Jorge Milhazes Freitas
  • Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto and CMUP
  • Local: ZOOM – 13:00 – Link 
  • Quarta-feira,  28 de outubro de 2020
  • Seminário Conjunto CEAUL e CEMAT
  • Referência Projeto: UIDB/00006/2020 and UIDB/04621/2020

We consider stochastic processes arising from chaotic systems by evaluating an heavy tailed observable function along the orbits of the system. We prove the convergence of a normalised sum process to a Lévy process with excursions, designed to describe the oscillations observed during the clusters of extremal observations. The applications to specific systems include both hyperbolic and non-uniformly expanding systems.