Gestão de Ciência & Unidades de Investigação


Vera Pinto


Lisete Sousa (CEAUL – FCUL)

Alexandre Andrade (IBEB– FCUL)

Tipo de bolsa

Bolsa de Investigação (BI)

Estado do projeto:


Síntese do Plano de Trabalho
  1. Financial management de I&D units;
  2. Resources and administration management of all the investigation programs and projects of said I&D units;
  3. Writing reports for all the I&D units;
  4. Making payment requests and proper financial treatment, as well as
    accompanying all of the administration, technical and financial related processes;
  5. Full assistance in the procedures related to assets and equipment acquisitions, services; 
  6. Assistance in all of the procedures related to members and investigators missions; 
  7. Assistance to scientific events organization, workshops and national/international conferences of the I&D units;
  8. Management and support of the related websites (WordPress); 
  9. Management CEAUL’s library;
  10. Assistance to fellowship submission and applications to other financial sources;
  11. Management of communication of scientific content and the
    enhancement of scientific culture;
  12. Database repositories management.