• Alexandra B. Moura​
  • ISEG/UL – Universidade de Lisboa, Department of Mathematics; REM – Research in Economics and Mathematics, CEMAPRE​
  • Local: ZOOM – 14:30 – Link  Password: 655134
  • Terça-feira,  22 de setembro de 2020
  • Referência Projeto: UIDB/00006/2020
We consider the optimal reinsurance problem for several dependent risks, assuming a maximal expected utility criterion and independent negotiation of reinsurance for each risk. Without any particular hypothesis on the dependency structure, we show that optimal treaties exist in a class of independent randomized contracts. We derive optimality conditions and show that under mild assumptions the optimal contracts are of classical (non-randomized) type. Due to dependencies, the optimal level of reinsurance for each risk involves a trade-off between the reinsurance premia of both risks. We consider the particular cases of the expected value a variance related premium calculation principles and illustrate the results with some numerical examples.