Joint Modelling of longitudinal and survival data taking competing risks into account

  • Denisa Mendonça
  • University of Porto
  • Local: ZOOM – 13:00 – Link
  • Quarta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2020
  • Seminário Conjunto CEAUL e CEMAT
  • Referência Projeto: UIDB/00006/2020 and UIDB/04621/2020
Joint modelling to analyse longitudinal and survival data in the presence of competing risks has received much attention in the recent years and it is becoming increasingly used in clinical studies. The many well-established models proposed to analyse separately longitudinal and time-to-event outcomes are not suitable when the longitudinal outcome and survival endpoints are associated. Although some joint models were adapted in order to allow for competing endpoints, this methodology has not been widely disseminated and used in clinical research. In this seminar, joint modelling of longitudinal and survival data in a competing risk context is presented, discussing the different parameterizations of systematic implementations of these models in the R statistical software. To demonstrate the relevance of these models in clinical research, an example on peritoneal dialysis is considered. Seminário no âmbito do Mestrado em Bioestatística​.