Meaning and Understanding Statistics: the Case of Normal Distribution


  • Prof. Carmen Batanero – Faculty of Education – University of Granada – Spain
  • FCUL – DEIO – Bloco C/2 – Piso 2 – Sala 2.2.47 – 14:30
  • Segunda-feira, 25 de Novembro de 2002
In this seminar I will present a theoretical model about meaning and understanding that was applied in some research carried out at the University of Granada. I will use the case of normal distribution to make the model easier to understand and will present a related research carried out in Spain. In this research we first analyse the different elements in the meaning of normal distribution and how these elements are affected when computers are used as didactical device. Then, we describe a teaching experiment, which was designed and observed two consecutive years. Finally we analyse results from the assessment of students’ understanding at the end of the teaching. Data from 107 students include responses to a questionnaire and protocols in open tasks carried out with computers.