Notas & Comunicações – 1999

  • CEAUL 16/99 – Asymptotic Efficiency of Generalized Jackknife Semi-parametric Estimators of a Heavy Tail
                             Gomes, M.I. and M.J. Martins
  • CEAUL 15/99  – Generalized Jackknife Moment Estimators of the Tail Index
    Gomes, M.I.
  • CEAUL 14/99  – Modelos de Sobrevivência com Fragilidade
    Silva, G. L. e Amaral Turkman, M. A.
  • CEAUL 13/99  –  High-order Monotone Functions and Probability Theory
                               Pestana, D.D. and Sílvio Velosa
  • CEAUL 12/99  – Extremes of Sub-sampled Bilinear Time Series Models
                              Scotto, M., Anderson, C. W. e Turkman, K. F.
  • CEAUL 11/99  – A Convex Combination of Split Moment Estimator
                              Fraga Alves, M. I. and L. de Haan
  • CEAUL 10/99  – Hill-Type Estimator, not Affected by Location
                              Fraga Alves, M. Isabel
  • CEAUL 09/99  – Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi: um Guião sobre o Acaso
    Pestana, D.D. and Sílvio Velosa
  • CEAUL 08/99  – Spacings of the Laplace Distribution and Exponential Mixtures
                              Brilhante, M.F. 
  • CEAUL 07/99  – A Resistant Test Statistic for Testing Exponentiality versus Generalized Pareto
                              Brilhante, M.F.
  • CEAUL 06/99  – A Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Extreme Quantile Estimation
                              Bermudez, P., Amaral Turkman, M. A. and Turkman, K. F.
  • CEAUL 05/99  – On the Asymptotic Distribution of the Maxima of Disagregated Time Series Models
                              Scotto, M., Anderson, C. W. e Turkman, K. F.
  • CEAUL 04/99  – The JackKnife and the BootStrap Methodologies in the Estimation of Parameters of Rare Events
                               M. Ivette Gomes
  • CEAUL 03/99  – Extremes of Sub-sampled Series
                              Scotto, M., Anderson, C. W. e Turkman, K. F
  • CEAUL 02/99  – Tail Index Estimation in the Generalized Pareto Model
                               Ferreira, A.M. and M. I. Gomes
  • CEAUL 01/99  – Carcinoma Colo-Rectal: Um estudo Estatístico
    Lopes Manso, R.