about me

0000-0001-8999-1354 Nome: Dinis Duarte Ferreira Pestana Educação: Probabilidades e Estatística
Agregação (Habilitation degree), Applied Mathematics, University of Lisbon, 1982
Equivalence to the degree Doutor em Ciências, Probability and Statistics, Universidade de Lisboa, 1979
Ph.D., Statistics, University of Sheffield, U.K., 1978
B.Sc., Pure Mathematics, Faculty of Sciences of Lisbon, 1973
E-mail: dinis.pestana@fc.ul.pt Instituição: Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa
BlocoC2-Piso 2, Campo Grande,1749-016 Lisboa-Portugal
Telefone: 217 500 040
Probability, stable models, randomly stoped sums and extremes, population dynamics, extremes and chaos. Location/scale in non-gaussian populations, Analysis of Spacings in exponential populations. Functional Methods in Probability. Sampling. Risk process. History of Peobability and Statistics.