Statistical challenges and solutions for informing pandemic response

Ben Swallow

Lecturer (Assistant Professor) of statistics at the University of Glasgow, UK

Local: ZOOM  – Link

16 fevereiro 2022 (4.ª feira) – 14h:00m


Throughout the current pandemic, statisticians and modellers have been called on to help inform multiple aspects of pandemic response and scientific understanding. This has highlighted many challenges
in making fast decisions under uncertainty, some of which remain unsolved. In this talk I will outline some of the approaches I have used  o help assist with understanding the state and properties of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic in the UK, from approaches to comparing trends  between nations, to estimating the relative transmission rates of  different variants of concern. All aim to extract useful information from noisy, high-dimensional and ever-changing data.

These  joint CCM seminars are an initiative promoted by the 3 research centers associated with the Ecological Modelling
course in DBA. We hope to promote interdisciplinary research within FCUL at the interface of our joint interests