Statistical Methods for Cost-Effective Health Care (Palestra incluída nas comemorações do 1º Dia Mundial da Estatística)


  • Prof. Anthony O´Hagan – University of Sheffield – Uk
  • Faculdade Ciências Universidade Lisboa – Campo Grande – Bloco C3 – Anfiteatro 3.2.14 – 15h
  • Quarta-feira, 20 de Outubro de 2010

As medicine becomes increasingly expensive, and particularly at a time of economic restraint, health care systems are under strain. It is important to provide the best possible health care to people within finite budgets.

Cost-effectiveness is therefore a key consideration in adopting new treatments. Inevitably, there is uncertainty about both the effectiveness and the cost implications of new treatments, and statistical methods are needed to make inference about cost-effectiveness. Expert judgement is often necessary to supplement sparse data. This talk will review the principal areas where statistical methods are being used, with a particular focus on Bayesian methods.