Symposium on Recent Advances in Extreme Value Theory Honoring Ross Leadbetter


 Extreme value theory is still expanding rapidly. Much interest goes to spatial extremes but extremes in finite-dimensional space is also in full development both with regard to theory and with respect to applications. We use the awarding of a “honoris causa” degree to Ross Leadbetter by the university of Lisbon for his fundamental contributions to the field as an opportunity to highlight the recent developments.

Details about the symposium (to be held 18-20 March 2013) are available at

We hope to see you in Lisbon

Feridun Turkman, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon
Laurens de Haan, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon; Erasmus University Rotterdam
Maria Antónia Amaral Turkman, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon