The Epidemiology of Pandemic and Epidemic Influenza


  • Profª Cécile Viboud – Fogarty International Center (DIEPS) – National Institutes of Health – Maryland,USA
  • FCUL – Campo Grande – Bloco C1 Piso 3- Sala: Anfiteatro Fundação FCUL – 14:30h
  • Quarta-feira, 1 de Fevereiro de 2012
  • Referência Projeto: PEst-OE/MAT/UI0006/2011

There are important gaps in our current understanding of the epidemiology of influenza viruses. Analysis of epidemiological data from historical influenza epidemics and pandemics can help understand variation in disease burden and transmission patterns across space, time and age groups, and prepare for future outbreaks. The talk will focus on lessons learnt from past pandemics and describe modeling efforts aimed at elucidating the spatial and temporal dynamics of epidemic and pandemic influenza viruses. A variety of statistical and mathematical analyses of multinational vital statistics and viral genetic sequences will be presented at different geographical scales.

Keywords: influenza virus, epidemic, pandemic, historical mortality data, disease burden, transmissibility, reproduction number, phylogenetics.