Notas & Comunicações – 2013

  • CEAUL 32/13 – Spatial Aggregation and High Quantile Estimation Applied to Extreme Precipitation
                              Ana Ferreira
  • CEAUL 31/13 – The Role of Forensic Dentistry in Medico-Legal Fire Scene Investigation: Determination of the Direction and the
                             Temperature of Fire by Dental Biomaterials Evidence in a Body by Not-So-Spontaneous Human Combustion

                             C. Palmela Pereira, J. Franco Costa, J. Costa Santos e M.C. de Mendonça
  • CEAUL 08/13 – Generalized Additive Neural Networks for Mortality Prediction using Automated and Genetic Algorithms
                             Carlos Geraldes, Ana Papoila, Patrícia Xufre e Fernanda Diamantino